Friday, November 13, 2009

A Cut Above…

Zman has been needing a haircut for about 3 weeks now.  Within the last week, it became a desperate plea.  But Fadre and I have been busy, so when S (the girlfriend) show up earlier this week, I put her to good use.

Now the only story I’ve heard about involving S and a pair of clippers involved a dog, no guard on the clippers, pink skin, and the dog running away.  BUT!  It’s not my hair and I figure she’s got a vested interest in what he looks like, so we let her loose.

Just look at her customer service skills when Zman gets hair in his eye.  Yeah, she’s a natural…..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Race for the Cure

Every year the Race for the Cure runs down our street, right in front of our house.  Eleven years ago we were taken about by what sounded like a gaggle of geese coming down the street early one Saturday morning.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and watched about 10,000 people walk by!  Every year since, we’ve been up and out on the front porch to watch and encourage the runners and walkers.  The year Zman was 5, he stood at Fadre’s side of the bed and begged him to hurry up.  As Fadre opened the front door he discovered Zman was all ready for the race, complete with Pop Tarts for both of them.

A couple of years ago Fadre and I took Bean and Bug on the route, in their strollers.  We discovered we enjoyed watching more than we enjoyed running, but it sure was nice to run into the house, grab a drink, and use your own restroom along the race route!

The girls have continued to love this tradition.  Last year we tried passing out pink bubble gum to the race participants.  It was a huge hit!  We managed to coerce a couple of other neighborhood kids to join in. 

This year ALL of the kids started hounding me about a month before the race about buying pink bubble gum.

Good fun for a good cause!

The Winner!


The first woman.


This photographer searched for our house.  He said he remembered the girls passing out bubble gum last year and wanted to get some pictures of it again this year.

DSC_0308DSC_0313   DSC_0310 DSC_0317

It’s time to get to business!


And they’re off!









And then the competition to pass out the gum got a little heated and they started to separate and get to the runner “first”.




They went from splitting up to crossing the street.


It disappeared quickly.


Even Dash got out and enjoyed the show.








Some of kids were so dedicated about passing out the gum, they sacrificed their clean clothes.


We saw quite a few people we know.  Look – here’s Ms. Betty…


The military group that runs every year is so impressive and sounds great!


We can’t wait for next year!