Monday, April 27, 2009

This is NOT my child!

This is my sweet, innocent baby.  What does she want to do on her vacation?

041809 Chattanooga 181

Why, she wants to rock climb.

Are you sure?

Yes, Mom.



041809 Chattanooga 185

There she goes!

 041809 Chattanooga 188


 041809 Chattanooga 191041809 Chattanooga 198


  041809 Chattanooga 204 041809 Chattanooga 206 041809 Chattanooga 210

Okay, at this point, I could barely snap the pictures, because I was feeling lightheaded.  How did this happen?  How did I create a human being without a fear of heights?  Obviously, I have enough fear for the both of us.

 041809 Chattanooga 212 

And she rings the bell!

041809 Chattanooga 219

For making it to the top, she gets to go again free if she wants.  Here he is asking if she wants to go again.  She politely declined.  Apparently, once is enough.  But that’s one more than me!

041809 Chattanooga 231

Victory is SWEET!

041809 Chattanooga 232

On Top of the World

Or at least as close as I ever want to be!  From the top of Rock City you can see seven states.  Bean seemed a little confused as to where the black dotted lines were showing the state boundaries.

041809 Chattanooga 163 

Oh, the view.  Well, that’s what others brag about.  I was busy trying to take a decent shot while NOT looking at the subject.

041809 Chattanooga 164

Those other folks in my group?  They wanted a CLOSER look!

 041809 Chattanooga 166 041809 Chattanooga 171 041809 Chattanooga 172

I have got to quit heading to high spots for vacation.  My idea of vacation is not becoming BFF with a queasy stomach. 041809 Chattanooga 176

What you can’t see here?  Me, grabbing onto one of Fadre’s belt loops and holding on for my dear life!  Quick take the picture Zman, before I faint!

041809 Chattanooga 178

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is how we spent the last day of our vacation in Chattanooga.

 041809 Chattanooga 089

See how Zman is enjoying our family time?

  041809 Chattanooga 084

I don’t care how old you are, these are always fun!

041809 Chattanooga 091

One of the many stone bridges.

 041809 Chattanooga 093

Fairyland Caverns was one of the coolest things we saw.

041809 Chattanooga 099

Several fairytale scenes are painted with glow-in-the-dark paint and displayed under black lights.  Diamond Corridor was the first stop.

 041809 Chattanooga 100

The wall was full of *sparkly* rocks.  Bean loved it!

 041809 Chattanooga 101

Down, down, we go.

041809 Chattanooga 102Here are a few of the scenes.

041809 Chattanooga 108

Jack and Jill.

 041809 Chattanooga 134

A ferris wheel.

041809 Chattanooga 151

More and more.

Up, Up, and Away!

While at Rock City, we took in a show…A bird show. 

041809 Chattanooga 018 041809 Chattanooga 031

As this guy came around, he got a little excited.  Then he was suppose to fly between the trainers.  Instead he went from one trainer to the top of a tree.

041809 Chattanooga 034

 041809 Chattanooga 043

 041809 Chattanooga 054

After the buzzard’s trial flight with an audience member, he flew from one trainer to another – right over our HEADS.  His wings scraped my and Bug’s head.  Very cool! 041809 Chattanooga 057

This poor guy lost his wing to a gunshot wound.  Very sad.  He was still magnificent.

041809 Chattanooga 062

Zman, Bug, and Bean got to pet the littlest owl.

 041809 Chattanooga 073 041809 Chattanooga 076

The park is having guests build an eagle’s nest.  I think my kids would fit in it!

041809 Chattanooga 082

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Fab Five

BQ gave me this card for my birthday.  It is such a true representation of us.

fab five

Good to the last drop

I found this in the laundry last week.


Let me give you a little perspective….

pencil and market

Something more quantitative?

042309 002

Apparently Bean is taking WASTE NOT, WANT NOT very seriously.  How she gets it sharpened, I’ll never know…

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend but an Amethyst Makes a Good Buddy Too!

After you’ve journeyed to the center of the earth and back, you can play on this lovely playground full of sunshine.  Bug gave the monkey bars her all.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 085 

And here’s Zman, in his natural state…texting his girlfriend.  It’s almost as if she joined us on the trip.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 089

You could buy bags of sand and sift them like the old time gold diggers, and look for precious gems.  I could not have imagined a more appropriate activity for Bean!  It is right up her alley.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 092

Even Zman couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 096

First you pour your bag of sand into the sifter.  I don’t know if that’s the technical name for it, but let’s just go with that for now.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 097 

And then you put your sifter in the water and wash away the sand.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 098 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 100

After you do this a couple of times, your “gems” start to show themselves.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 102

And you keep working at it until the sand is all gone.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 105

And your left with your prized possessions. 

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 108

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 112

If I keep doing this, surely I can find enough diamonds for us to retire.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 113

It even peaks Fadre’s interest.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 115

You carefully pick out your gemstones and put them in a bag.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 117

Bean’s found something REALLY good.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 119

Zman plays good big brother and helps Bug pick out her stones.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 124

I think that’s a garnet, maybe an amethyst…It’s hard to tell from here.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 127 

You are given a card so you can match up your stones.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 132

Nothing makes a girl with a touch of OCD happier than to match something up!

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 135 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 136

Look at our bounty…or is it booty?  Please don’t look at my booty…It isn’t pretty.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 138

We’re all sorted.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 144

Sorted = happy.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 145

After Bean sorted once.  She sorted again before putting her rocks away.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 147

Then she folded up her card and put it in her bag so she could sort again later.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 149