Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Phew! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend for us. For the past two weeks Bean, Bug, Almost Mine, and our neighbors M & K have been stuffing Easter eggs for our church’s annual East Egg Hunt. Those 5 children stuffed 851 eggs! Eight-hundred fifty-one EGGS! My entire living room was full of eggs and their fingers were sore. But those 5 little ones were able to make 158 children very happy.

The morning started with a visit from a local farm with a train, a pony, and a fantastic petting zoo.

The girls enjoyed the petting zoo more than anything else. First Bean found the colored chicks. Orange was her pick.

Easter 2009 087

Then Bug found the colored ducklings. Ah, a nice lovely teal shade.

Easter 2009 088

Zman was the pony leader. He walked that pony back and forth and back and forth for a solid hour and made many a children’s day.

Easter 2009 109

Bean was enamored with those colored chicks. She and her buddy, M, picked color coordinating chicks. You know, a girl’s got to make sure she coordinates her accessories.

Easter 2009 147

I could not resist Bug and K, with their faces painted like bunnies while they loved on some real, live, furry bunnies.

Easter 2009 149

Bean eventually made her way around to the bunnies.

Easter 2009 194

The girls spent their entire hour switching back and forth between chicks, ducklings, and bunnies.

Then it was time for the egg hunt. See that girl in the red pants? She was wasting no time.

Easter 2009 261

And she’s off!

Easter 2009 263

Bug was a little more laid back, but still managed to have a fantastic time! Easter 2009 264

And the kids came home hyped up on candy, cookies, juice, and adrenaline. Oh, and they smelled phenomenal as well!

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