Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost Mine

I call him Almost Mine because, well, he’s like one of my children.  ‘Cept for that whole – he didn’t come out of my birth canal thing….

I can remember the call vividly from iNik to tell me about him.  I was there in the ultrasound room when we learned it was a boy.  (Which was really good news because Lordy, if you had only seen the size of his feet then!)  I was there when he took his first breath.  And it was I who cut the cord and freed him from his mother.  Someday he’ll thank me for that because, I mean, how embarrassing to have to drag your mother with you everywhere. 

I’ve held him, I’ve nursed him (desperate times call for desperate measures), I’ve kissed his boo-boos, I’ve rocked him to sleep, I’ve watched him hit his milestones, I’ve watched him grow up, and I’ve loved him every minute of his life like he was mine.


2002 – he made an appearance at his own baby shower!  Early bird catches the worm.


2003 – Almost Mine and Bug are 5 months apart.  They are like a set of twins.


2004 – Halloween.  Who are those girls, and doesn’t their mother ever brush their hair??????


2005 – Ground Hog Day party


2006 – Mountain View, AR vacation


2007 – Easter Egg Hunt


2008 – Almost Mine adores Zman so when Zman got his mohawk, so did he.


Today he turns 7.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Almost Mine!

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  1. Congratulations to you- "Almost His Momma"

    You've made it through all of his "moments" for 7 years just like he's your own. Pretty cool. That must be funny to have he and Bug so close together. Have they hit that "know it all" stage yet? Boy, won't that be brutal between the 2 of them!

    Have a great weekend,