Friday, February 20, 2009

Very Funny Friday


Sue is running a blog carnival called Very Funny Friday over at navel gazing at its finest.  I realized after I’d written my post that she asked the stories be kept clean…my bad.  Well, at least it ended up sorta clean.

Nothing amuses me more than my children.  One afternoon Bug and Bean and their neighborhood friends were discussing how God had given everyone a special gift.  H had been given the gift of being able to make it rain, since she’d done a rain dance out in the driveway two days in a row and IT RAINED two days in a row.  That could never be construed as a coincidence!  It came out that Bean’s special gift from God was healing.  Apparently, H had a cut on her foot and Bean licked the wound and Voila!, H’s sore was healed.  Um, YUCK!  I mean, thanks God for helping Bean to recognize the gift you have bestowed upon her, but would it have been to much to ask that you give her healing hands rather than a healing tongue?


  1. Quite an interesting conversation going on amongst the neighborhood kids! Yeah, why did it have to be a healing TONGUE? That's just gross!

    We're coming in town for Easter for a long weekend. And when I say long, I truly mean it will be like an eternity being squeezed up in my MIL's tiny apartment. Would you guys be interested in maybe meeting for lunch that Monday after? Are your kids out of school?

    Gotta get to work. Have a great weekend!


  2. Super funny, a healing tongue. Amazing child you have there.