Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day Eve

How did I spend the night before Valentine’s Day?  Fadre and I managed to work out an excellent deal with the neighbors.  They take our girls Friday evening and we keep theirs Saturday evening.  Great deal, huh?  In the budget conscious state we are in, I have been practicing my bartering skills.  But of course, we have to plan our evening around Zman’s social schedule.  We drop him off at his bud’s house and we head out for sushi.  Because I bought a $25 coupon for $3.  Even Valentine’s Day can be celebrated at a discount.  Only, we bought more than we could eat, but hey – it’s lunch for another day.  Our dinner looked something like this…well, what was left of it.

Because we felt like overstuffed sloths after dinner, we stopped by to get some of this.

White Chocolate Mocha is one of my BFFs.

Afterwards we headed home and rested until we were needed. 

By Zman.

Three weeks ago Zman created his Master Plan for Valentine’s Day.   All to ask out K.   Fortunately, he is a good sport and let me take some photos.  Okay, maybe I went back to my well-honed bartering skills…I’ll help you if I can take pictures.  He really wasn’t left with much of a choice since he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

The plan started with Fadre and I picking him and his buddy C from C’s girlfriend’s house where they had gone to visit while Zman’s potential chick was there.  But first, he asked that I pick up some flowers.  “Red and white, Madre, red and white”, said Zman.


021309 080

Flowers, check.

Step 2..Pick up Zman and pretend to go home.  But instead, drive around the block and pull up in front of the girls’ house, with the lights off.

021309 082 

I hope he used a different look while he was trying to impress her!

Step 3…The boys hide behind the truck and write their love notes.

021309 083

You would not believe the amount of discussion and laughter that erupted while trying to decide which color to use…

021309 084

Then there was a little bit of writer’s block….

021309 086

You would think by the 9th grade, they would’ve mastered the heart shape..But it was 11:00 at night and very dark and at this point we were all laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.

021309 092

Then he gets serious…

Step 4..Finish the “love” note.

021309 096

My heart “twittered” with a little pride when I saw this…the culmination of three weeks’ planning, which is equivalent to 6 months in teenager timing, SO ROMANTIC!

Step 5…Parents drive down the street so the boys can call the girls out to view their “street art”.  Of course, Fadre and I turned the car around so we could at least see a little bit. 

Step 6…Zman calls for us to come and pick up him and C.  But of course I whip out my bartering skills and swap a pick up for a photo.  They were oh so thrilled.

021309 098

Don’t mind C’s girl…she’s just not use to me yet.


Note to Fadre:  I do not require love notes written on the street or a bouquet of flowers.  A load of laundry and a load of dishes will do me just fine.  VERY ROMANTIC!!!!

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  1. You're such a cool Mom! I hope I can be too when mine get to that stage. Pretty neat plan, I might add.

    Love your note to Fadre! Would it kill a man to choose one of those?!