Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Report Cards = TCBY

Bean and Bug have both made honor roll this past 9 weeks.  Bug asked if we could look into getting some ice cream as a reward.  I hope she is easily pleased when she’s 16 as well!

We had a mass of children Saturday night.  There were the neighbors, M & K, Bean, Bug, and Almost Mine.   Since everyone had done pretty well on their report cards, it became a group outing. 

Do you know how long it takes for 5 children to decide what they want?

040409 001

Do you know how many funny looks you get when you walk into a store with 5 children that span a 3 year age difference?

040409 002 

Fadre and I realized the only child out of the 5 that didn’t look like it belonged?  Bean.  Everybody else has pretty much the same hair color – but hers is much darker.  When you see her face though, you know she is Fadre’s child.  At least that’s what people tell me.  I see a child who constantly looks at life through a prism.  But that’s another story…

It turned out to be a worthy reward.

040409 003

And we were all happy.  Did I mention I had a strawberry parfait?  You know, I’ve been working hard too. 

And my willpower was not strong enough to just watch them eat it.

And then Bug asked if these could spend the night:

040409 002 

And I said yes.

Because I had forgotten they were energized by this:

040409 003

Oh, and the last one was still awake after 11 o’clock that night.


  1. My, my, were certainly generous! TCBY and spend the night company.

    Question is, how late were you up?

  2. You are increasing your good mommy status. Hope I can do that when my kids get older. You'll help me right? And you draw a weird blog crowd sista!