Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Fear with a View

Isn’t this a beautiful view?  This is the view from the top of the Ruby Falls building.  It’s breathtaking.   At least it is for me.  I’m deathly afraid of heights.  This was more of a hold the camera out and take the picture as opposed to focusing on the view and purposely taking a landscape photograph.

  041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 075

It doesn’t seem to phase the rest of my crew.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 070

When I see one of my offspring look out over the edge like this, it makes me sick to my stomach and weak in the knees.  Seriously. What has not been captured is that 3 seconds after this picture, I grabbed her jacket and held it tight as if she were trying to run into a burning building.  I know it sounds extreme, but seriously, that’s how it plays out.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 078 

See how she’s happy as a lark?  She has no fear.  It’s because she doesn’t have children yet.  Once a child scoots down your birth canal, you develop some extreme fears.  Like, after I have strapped the girls into their carseats and realize I left my coffee on the kitchen counter I wage a 5 minute war with myself about running back into the house to pick it up.  I don’t want to unstrap them.  It takes a lot of work to strap them in.  It takes longer to strap them in than it does to run in and get the coffee.  Should I lock the car and run in quickly to get it?  But what if someone spilled water on the tile floor and I didn’t know it and I slip and fall, and knock myself unconscious and the girls are trapped in a hot locked car!!!!!!!  See, I was worry-free until I birthed those life-suckers….

No children = no fear

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 080 

Fadre is not scared of heights.  He doesn’t worry about slipping on the wet tile either.  UGGHH!  I carry all of the irrational burdens for this family.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 081

Do you know what a teenage boy does while on vacation, in the mountains with his family?  Why, he texts his girlfriend of course.  I bet this weekend has helped him break his record of 12,000+ text messages in one month!

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 082

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