Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Know How Long It Takes to Find a Hole in the Ground?

After I finished with my work Friday morning, we opted to visit Ruby Falls. 

You can see my Garmin on the window.  We call her Emily.  Emily usually does a fantastic job, but occasionally, we disagree on the amount of notice she needs to give before we have to make a turn.  See that red arrow?  That says Ruby Falls, turn left.  Emily, unfortunately, can’t read and didn’t tell us it was time to turn until we had passed the road.  So we circled the mountain and tried again.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 012

We finally made it.  Those are my teeny, tiny peeps.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 016

The building is magnificent.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 020 

And we buy our tickets and head down 260 feet into the earth.  This is the third set of caves we’ve visited with the kids.  They love it!  Just look at them, they are a bundle of nervous energy waiting for the tour to start….

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 021

Seriously, we all enjoy it.  Lots of cool things to see.

The pièce de résistance?  Why Ruby Falls, of course.  It was beautiful!  We were able to walk around the waterfall. 

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 045

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 048

And then we make our way back out of the cave.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 067 

The girls each took their cameras.  Bean was like a ninja photographer.  She’d whip that camera out, take a picture, and put it back down before you could say cheese.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 064

Bug became an avid picture-taker quickly.

 041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 065

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 068

We were all wearing jackets because of the cooler temperature down in the cave.  I think the only thing they could do to improve on the experience would be to install a Starbuck’s about halfway through the tour.  That’s just my opinion.  Or maybe offer the tour on a tram – with cupholders for the coffee! 

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