Monday, April 6, 2009

Giving Back

We have gotten a couple of really good coupons for cat food lately. So I took them to the store and bought some food (either free, or darn near close to it). After confusing Zman thoroughly (Are we getting a cat? No.), Bug and I drove to the local animal shelter to make our donation.

040409 001

That’s a whole lot of cat food for a family that doesn’t have any cats!

040409 002

Look at that grin. She was SO excited!

040409 003

After making our donation, they let us visit the cats. Bug seemed a little disappointed that there were only 5 or 6 cats in the shelter that day. I reminded her that was a good thing, meaning all the other cats had found homes. She agreed, but was still a little disappointed. And then she said, “It smells in here.” And her love affair with the cats was over.

I hope she gets over boys as quickly!


  1. Just tell her that boys stink, too! Maybe that will buy you a little longer when the time actually comes.

    Nice donation, btw!

  2. I got a friend to lend me some muscle at walmart... we got 80lbs of puppy food to take to bartlett shelter. Gives me the warm fuzzies to think of helping all that cuteness... all for only the cost of sales tax :-)