Monday, April 27, 2009

On Top of the World

Or at least as close as I ever want to be!  From the top of Rock City you can see seven states.  Bean seemed a little confused as to where the black dotted lines were showing the state boundaries.

041809 Chattanooga 163 

Oh, the view.  Well, that’s what others brag about.  I was busy trying to take a decent shot while NOT looking at the subject.

041809 Chattanooga 164

Those other folks in my group?  They wanted a CLOSER look!

 041809 Chattanooga 166 041809 Chattanooga 171 041809 Chattanooga 172

I have got to quit heading to high spots for vacation.  My idea of vacation is not becoming BFF with a queasy stomach. 041809 Chattanooga 176

What you can’t see here?  Me, grabbing onto one of Fadre’s belt loops and holding on for my dear life!  Quick take the picture Zman, before I faint!

041809 Chattanooga 178

1 comment:

  1. Are you really that freaked out by heights? I wouldn't have guessed that about you.

    I also would not have thought that you were serious when you said you were hanging on for dear life but...aside from what now appears to be a forced smile...I see a severely schrunched up forehead...indicating to me that you were SO SERIOUSLY FREAKED OUT. But I must say that I'm proud of you for nearing the edge and getting in at least 1 picture for the sake of your family photo album!