Sunday, April 19, 2009

Road Trip!!!

We left Thursday night for a family weekend in Chattanooga.  It was also a work trip for me, but I was much more focused on the vacation portion of the trip.

And we’re OFF!

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 001041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 002041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 003

Do you see how the DVD player is already in action?  That house you see out the window…that is the house across the street from ours.  WE HAVEN’T EVEN LEFT OUR STREET YET!!!!!

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 004    

Fadre is looking cool with his shades.  But he can’t pose for me.  Something about keeping his eyes on road, keeping the family safe, OH FINE!

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 005 

We made it a whopping 2-3 miles down the road before we stopped for dinner.  Sonic – I am forever grateful to you for offering heavily colorized drinks that my children beg for.  I spent the next two hours keeping tabs on my children’s drinks.   Oh, and Zman – he ordered a chili, cheese dog.  Now I see why people take their dogs on vacation.  It’s to clean up after their kids.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 006

They were still raring to go at 10:30 pm.  At this point we were 1 pit stop and 2 movies down.  Two and a half hours to go.

041709 and 041809 Chattanooga 007

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