Monday, April 27, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

While at Rock City, we took in a show…A bird show. 

041809 Chattanooga 018 041809 Chattanooga 031

As this guy came around, he got a little excited.  Then he was suppose to fly between the trainers.  Instead he went from one trainer to the top of a tree.

041809 Chattanooga 034

 041809 Chattanooga 043

 041809 Chattanooga 054

After the buzzard’s trial flight with an audience member, he flew from one trainer to another – right over our HEADS.  His wings scraped my and Bug’s head.  Very cool! 041809 Chattanooga 057

This poor guy lost his wing to a gunshot wound.  Very sad.  He was still magnificent.

041809 Chattanooga 062

Zman, Bug, and Bean got to pet the littlest owl.

 041809 Chattanooga 073 041809 Chattanooga 076

The park is having guests build an eagle’s nest.  I think my kids would fit in it!

041809 Chattanooga 082

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  1. That's so cool.

    Glad y'all got to go "See Rock City"! I've never been but would love to go. Maybe one day.

    Y'all sure packed alot into a few days, didn't you?!

    Have a great week,