Monday, March 30, 2009

Bean’s Birthday Dinner

On the girls’ birthdays I pick up their requested lunch, a birthday treat to share with their friends, and I have lunch with them.  Zman wanted to know why I don’t have lunch with him.  So I offered to pick up lunch for his upcoming birthday.  He was all excited until I reminded him that I’d be joining him for lunch.  Funny, all of a sudden Chik-Fil-A was not so appetizing….

Anyway, Bean requested a McDonald’s cheeseburger – plain.

Mason Bday 156

She is not big on cupcakes, so we searched for an alternative.

Mason Bday 157

Twinkies make everyone smile!  And they have a 3 to 4 year shelf life.  What more could you ask for?

Mason Bday 158

Look how good they make you feel!

As I have said before, in our family, on your birthday you pick the dinner.  Bean ALWAYS picks Macaroni Grill. 

I picked up Mamaw after work and Fadre picked up the kids.  And we all met a Macaroni Grill.  Here’s a video of Bean’s excursion from her friend’s house to the truck to head off to dinner.  A little dramamine anyone?


You have to wait a few minutes when you ask for a table for 13.  Let’s see how we spent our time…

Mason Bday 159

Mason Bday 162 Mason Bday 161Bean and Bug were given this digital camera by my boss about a month ago.  It hardly ever leaves Bean’s hands.  (hence the above video)

Mason Bday 163

Clockwise from bottom left:  Nana, Mamaw, Fadre, iNik, Jocelyn, Paul, Zman, Carson, Almost Mine, Bug, Bean, Papa. 

 Mason Bday 165 Mason Bday 166

Bug’s a little tired.

Mason Bday 169

iNik in her natural habitat – on her phone.

 Mason Bday 170 Mason Bday 171

What’s in the bag?  What’s in the bag?

Mason Bday 172

It’s her own camera so she doesn’t have to share.  She was elated!

 Mason Bday 173 Mason Bday 174 Mason Bday 175 Mason Bday 176

And then this lovely lady sang “Happy Birthday” in Italian.   Complete with a piece of chocolate cake.

Mason Bday 177 Mason Bday 178 Mason Bday 179


Mason Bday 180

Oh, sorry Mom!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bean! What fun having Mom bring a special Birthday Lunch to school. That's so cool.

    I think my head is still spinning from the race to Fadre. I might even be sick here in a minute from all of the herky-jerky, eratic movement. But it was all in true girly style! She was sooo excited about her Birthday Dinner. And how great is that to get a new camera for your birthday so you no longer have to share with your little sister? That's the best!

    Sorry I haven't emailed you back about the Easter Egg Hunt yet. Pretty sure we're not leaving here til that morning so we'd miss it. Looks like we'll leave Memphis on Tuesday morning so maybe I can just meet you somewhere for a cup of coffee. Do y'all have Starbuck's there? LOL!!!!

    Have a great week!