Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost Mine’s Birthday Dinner

Almost Mine picked Chili’s as his birthday dinner restaurant. Zman and his girl K had plans for later that evening, so we invited her to join us. I got this appetizer for free with a coupon. Mmmm.

022709 008 022709 009

Bean, Bug, Almost Mine

022709 001

Fadre, Poppa, iNik, Nana

022709 002

Zman and K (he loves for me to take his picture)

022709 004

Almost Mine got a cool backpack for his Nintendo DS.

022709 013

Me, iNik, Nana

022709 018

I ate me some of this.

022709 019

While Fadre had this.

022709 020

The girls you ask? They went all the way to a restaurant to get the same mac ‘n’ cheese I make at home.

022709 021

Bug was a little tired and in a sour mood.

022709 023

I tried to sympathize with her.

022709 024

I shared this with Fadre and it was good!

022709 026

A perfect end to a fantastic night.

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