Monday, March 9, 2009


The other morning the girls were going crazy because there was a “puppy” outside.  A Scottie.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them she wasn’t a puppy, but that in reality she was a normal-sized, full-grown Scottie and that Nana just happens to be raising gargantuan dogs.  Well, Jack is just big and Jill, WHOA!,  that chick is a pot-bellied pig disguised as a Scottie.

Anyway, this “puppy” was a ball of energy on the loose.  So I held her until the school bus had come and gone, then Fadre called the number on her tag and slowly, but surely, we were able to leave a message on the owner’s voicemail.

Sadie was her name (the dog, not the owner).  And while we waited for her owner to call, we let Sadie and Dash play.

030809 001

030809 002

Oh, she’s fast…very fast…which is why this is a picture of her less appealing end.  (Don’t mind the mess.  Please, really, just ignore it.  Pretend like you don’t even see it.  Thank you.)

030809 003

Then Sadie’s owner called and picked her up.  I think Dash was a little sad after she left. 

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  1. I would shoot you if you suggested this to me but--maybe Dash needs a furry friend to hang out with all day while the family's away?