Monday, November 24, 2008

Chick Magnet

While out shopping the other day Zach says to Wes:
"You should get a sweater vest - they're chick magnets."
Wes is taken aback for a moment and asks, why they are chick magnets. Zach explains that at the moment he (Zach) seems to be repelling the women and since he doesn't own a sweater vest, this MUST be the reason... I love Zach's humor. During the last 12 months he has really developed a good sense of humor and can crack jokes about and poke fun at himself. He has joined a youth basketball league and practices are underway. Games start 12/3 - Go GRIZZLIES! His social advancement (talking) during school is not popular with the teachers. We received an email from the Geography teacher about him putting his head down in class and napping. His grade in that class??? - 99 average. It's tough to come down on him hard with a grade like that.

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