Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open House at FES!!

Tonight was Open House at Farmington for Katy and Sydney. First we stopped by the cafeteria for some yummy BBQ. Mmmmm! The girls were not as excited as Wes about the menu, so when they finished pushing the meat around on their plates, Wes was happy to finish their dinners for them. Then it was off to the classrooms....

First we stopped by Sydney's class. Ms. Crockett proudly demonstrated the clickers and smartboard. We also watched a video of Sydney's speech while she was running for "Governor". She didn't win the election, but had a fantastic platform of: support for senior citizens, picking up the trash, and providing more crosswalks! We were able to bring home her diorama of a yak in its habitat and her worm habitat (yep - a couple of worms in a cup of dirt with a hole at the top). I hope the worms stay put today, as we had to leave them in the house since it was so cold this morning....Here is a picture of Sydney's desk. We couldn't believe it was so clean and organized. Then Ms. Crockett told us she made the kids clean out their desks today. Figured I'd better get a picture of this while it lasted.

Then we visited Ms. Cooper's 2nd grade class with Katy. We had to take a quiz of Katy's favorite things (color, friend, restaurant, book). Seriously, book???? This kid reads a book every three days. I can't keep up with what she's read!!! Katy will be grading our quiz tomorrow and let us know how we did when we get home. From her class we got to bring home the green-haired monster (sock filled with soil and grass seed).

After the classroom jaunts, it was time to head for the gym to the raffle and silent auction. Each girl had 25 raffle tickets. Sydney spread hers out between the music basket, girls sports basket, and the Nintendo DS drawing. Katy picked the girls sports basket, Ipod Nano, and Nintendo DS. I think the girls sports basket got maybe 3 or 4 tickets and the rest were shared between the Nano and DS boxes.

We're keeping our fingers crossed!!!!

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