Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We got our MOJO back!

Woohoo! That was the final score tonight for Zach's Grizzlies (home) team. Six of those 27 points were provided by Zach. The game was suppose to start at 5:30, but by 5:40 we realized we didn't have any referees. Our options were: cancel the game, or wait until the refs arrive at 6:30. CANCEL?!?!? I took off work earlier to pick up my son and have him at the gamesite by 5:10. It takes me 15-20 minutes to drive here. Don't you dare cancel that game on me and make me waste my time and gas money getting here! So we waited....Then there was a polling of the audience - can you ref? HELLLLLOOOOO... I don't know a single rule of basketball. I watch the referees and am impressed by their ability to direct traffic on the court (they look just like those NY cops). When I'm asked what just happened, what was that call, I carefully repeat the hand gestures made by the refs. Except that I look like I'm trying to steer the 747 to the gate for deboarding. And the person who has just asked me that question has no better idea of what just happened. And at that point we have both just missed the next 2 minutes of the game. I didn't know a single rule about lacrosse either, but fortunately nobody else seemed to either and we could make up our own rules and interpretations of referee calls. So while I'm grateful that you might think I have the ability to decide a team's fate, I thank you, but I must decline, because I don't know the gesture for "that way to the basket..."

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