Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa is a GOOD boy!

That Santa - he's such a good boy. Look at all those gifts under the tree.

Katy passed out the presents this year.

Santa brought the girls Wall-E...on Blue Ray (Dad was happy too!)

A Nintendo DS was waiting for Syd.

And one for Katy too.

But the best reaction of the morning was from Syd. When she received her 3 SUBJECT NOTEBOOK!!!!! Apparently she put it on her Christmas List that she sent off to the North Pole with Ralph, the elf. You gotta love a kid that is equally thrilled with a notebook as a Nintendo DS. Aaaahhh, these days are good, but I realize they won't last forever....

You know how I know?

Because there were few pictures of Zach to be taken. Most of his gifts weighed little in ounces, but heavy in $$$$. He wouldn't let me post his pictures from that morning because...he was in his robe...his leisure wear...and he didn't want them available for public consumption. After all, I'm sure there are dozens of teen-aged girls out there reading this!

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