Saturday, January 24, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

Last April, a group from our church volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.  Now, Fadre and I do a lot of home improvements ourselves.  Okay, he does a lot…I am more helpful in “spirit”.  But I did climb out on the porch roof last year (being afraid of heights and all) and helped paint our new siding on the 2nd floor.

Back to my point, we don’t always attack our home improvements with the best of attitudes, it’s usually a dreaded chore.  But THIS, this was very, very different.  It was a privilege.  It was fun.




Chris and Dr. Jason were excited to get started.












Painting was the main job for the day and Jocelyn worked hard.









Faye was such a sport and painted all day – even with arthritis.  Yep, that’s me squatting.  Somehow, I’m always given the low spots.  Note my excellent posture in the above right photo - my mother will be so pleased.


Chris worked on the house next door too.







Bill getting ready for his assignment - climb WAAAY up there and paint.









iNik’s not big on heights, but she handled this with a smile!


Unless you had experience, you were not allowed to touch the power tools.  Fadre was the only one in our group allowed.  He’s such a MAN!



But Gary won the prize for being a gentleman.  Here he is moving the bench for his beautiful bride, Mary.  As we were getting ready to leave the site we had to hunt for them.  They “claimed” to be painting a closet…

IMG_0075  IMG_0076





Kathy and Travis came with us.  Travis  does construction for a living so he made an excellent volunteer. 


This is how I found Dr. Jason most of the time…talking, not painting.




Faye takes a well deserved break.  I’m sure she’s enjoying the view – I know I am.


The WHOLE gang.  Our homeowner (front and center) was there working on her house with us.   She was excited to tell us how her boys were looking forward to having their very own rooms.   This is a dream come true for her.


This is my dream come true.  Nice work Fadre!

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